I collaborate with my sister Miriam Farmer to produce unique rustic art. These can be done with nearly any subject, size, and color combination. The picture is cut out of wood and painted or stained to your specifications. We use plywood, beadboard, and solid wood slats and planks.  Inlays include (but are not limited to) wooden strips of any color, metal ribbon, rusty metal, cowhide, lace, and just about anything that can be mounted to a board. If there is something unique you would like incorporated, please let us know, and we will see if that can be done.

Prices are based on the number of square inches and materials used. Base prices are for plywood with either wood or metal inlays. There is a small additional charge for beadboard, solid wood slats/planks and cowhide inlay. We can do any dimensions, but here are a few examples:

BASE prices:
12x12 (144 sq in) $35
18x18 (324 sq in) $50
24x24 (576 sq in) $65
30x30 (900 sq in) $80
36x36 (1296 sq in) $95
40x40 (1600 sq in) $110

Please contact us for pricing on other dimensions and materials. There is not an additional charge for custom colors.